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Art Deco Style Buildings

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Art Deco Style Buildings. The art deco style may have started in 1920s paris, but it's spent the better part of a century influencing designers and architects around the world. Take a tour of some of the world's most beautiful art deco buildings and see why this style has stood the test of time.

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Look up for inspiration and beauty. Design styles are intrinsically linked to culture. I've always loved this beautiful blue art deco style building in downtown jackson.

While the art deco style was born in the decor world, it soon spread across design industries, from jewelry to graphics, but the style is perhaps most famous for its role in architecture.

It was a stark contrast to the art deco survived through the roar of the '20s, the depression of the '30s, and the global conflict that engulfed the '40s. Drama tutorials broke from the university; Art deco rose to popularity in the 1920s and '30s, making its way around the world from france to new york to shanghai. The style was essentially one of applied decoration.

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