Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling. Although coffered ceilings draw the eye upward, the beams extend downward into a room, taking up some overhead space. What is a coffered ceiling?

Coffered ceilings add feeling of height « Les Twarog ...
Coffered ceilings add feeling of height « Les Twarog … from

Coffered ceilings coffered ceilings are paneled ceilings that not only serve as a decorative motif but also change the feeling and dimension of the room, as well as help reduce noise. Coffered ceiling is actually done with panels which are sunk into its adjoining yet suspended grid. See more ideas about coffered ceiling, ceiling, coffer.

This manufacturing method means panels.

It's a series of geographical shapes created by beams in a square which rooms work well with coffered ceilings? Given this construction, coffered ceilings work best in rooms. Make sure the longest beams will run parallel to the ceiling joists so they will be properly. A coffer (or coffering) in architecture is a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling, soffit or vault.