How To Vault A Ceiling

How To Vault A Ceiling. What vaulted ceiling insulation is best. See how to raise ceiling.

30 Spectacular Groin Vault Ceiling Designs (Photos)
30 Spectacular Groin Vault Ceiling Designs (Photos) from

A vaulted ceiling is a type of high ceiling similar to a cathedral ceiling. The main problem vaulted ceilings solve is the feeling of a cramped space as vaulting a ceiling provides an airy atmosphere. But, it isn't necessary for a vaulted ceiling to be so.

In our next video we'll show you how to take a standard flat ceiling and vault it.

Plain ceilings are nothing compared to vaulted ceilings when it comes to adding beauty. This type of ceiling adds an extra dimension of light and depth. How would you know if the vaulted ceiling is for you? I have attempting creating a barrel vault ceiling by creating a roof extrusion along the barrel vault path i desire and then editting the type to make it appear as a suspended ceiling system, but any ideas?