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Semi Gloss Or Satin

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Semi Gloss Or Satin. Matte or flat, gloss, or satin? A helpful guide to select the best option for your home.

BEHR Premium 1 gal. #PPU26-01 Satin Black Semi-Gloss ...
BEHR Premium 1 gal. #PPU26-01 Satin Black Semi-Gloss … from images.homedepot-static.com

2 coats of gloss or semi, and the final coat of satin, keep the clarity to see the full beauty of the wood grains. This gives a more contemporary. This also works well with bold and decorative designs.

Paint finishes are named based on the level of gloss they show.

Satin and semigloss polyurethane finishes give wood surfaces shine and protection. Either is perfect for high traffic areas exposed to dirt, grease and moisture. Satin paints, which are sometimes called eggshell paints because they give. I understand using a polyurethane and putting a flat finish down first then putting a semi gloss or a gloss finish on top of that.