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Stepped Ceiling Around Perimeter

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Stepped Ceiling Around Perimeter. Roll around the perimeter, then fill in the middle with parallel strokes that. The wall angles form the perimeter of the suspended ceiling, supporting its edges.

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Apply adhesive to a perimeter crossbeam and hold one end in place with your deadman. Quite often when i mention a tray ceiling to a the strips are glued and screwed to chalk lines around the perimeter of the room. Preassembly streamlined much of the final installation, but the coffered ceiling area was defined by a false ceiling framed around its perimeter, below the structural one.

In certain situations, all duct work will not be able to be concealed and must be incorporated into the ceiling design.

Determine the highest possible c­ eiling height for your room. The next step is to decide on the layout of the ceiling. No special equipment or special skills are required. If you don't plan to install a measure down from the joists at several locations around the room to ensure that you'll have enough space above step 3: