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Sustainable House Features

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Sustainable House Features. These types of passive design features can make a big difference on sustainability at low costs. Learn how to help your rental properties to go green on the buildium blog.

A 580 sq ft laneway house with sustainable design features ...
A 580 sq ft laneway house with sustainable design features … from i.pinimg.com

Not that long ago, these features would have limited the design and material. Sustainable house or green house or eco house is one of possible solutions, which with one part in the broad context, sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact. Sustainable technologies are a crucial part of increasing the sustainability of australia's housing stock, but without the regulatory framework to underpin them and understand their performance.

Nowadays sustainability is an important and interesting topic in many areas.

A short educational film showing how a house can be designed and constructed to include over 100 sustainability features. Home sustainability can lower the cost of running your home, saving energy, water and maintenance on systems and appliances. Advertisements and promotions may refer to features which are not available for all land or house and land packages. House and land packages consist of land and a house which are sold separately.